Dissecting The Lyft Business Model: How Does The Firm Make Money?

How Does Lyft Make Money

Executive Summary: The business model of Lyft is that of a two-sided online marketplace. There, it mostly connects drivers with passengers. Lyft makes money from commissions, service fees, referral fees, subscriptions, interchange fees, advertising, and services. What Is Lyft? Lyft is a transportation app that provides users with on-demand access to drivers all around their … Read more

How Does Rakuten Make Money? Dissecting Its Business Model

Rakuten Business Model

Executive Summary: Rakuten makes money from various internet service portals, personal finance solutions, mobile plans, venture investments, and much more. The business model of Rakuten is predicated on creating an ecosystem around the 70+ businesses it runs. What Is Rakuten? Rakuten, which stands for “optimism” in Japanese, is a technology conglomerate that serves users in … Read more