How Does Notion Make Money? Dissecting Its Business Model

Notion Business Model

Executive Summary: Notion is a productivity software tool that helps individuals and teams organize their life and manage their projects. Notion makes money by charging a monthly or annual subscription fee to both individual consumers and businesses. Founded in 2013, Notion is now one of the fastest-growing software products out there. The company itself is … Read more

How Does Stack Overflow Make Money? Dissecting Its Business Model

Executive Summary: Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer site where users can post questions on all things programming, which are then answered by the forum’s users. Stack Overflow makes money from various advertising options as well as by selling software to enterprise customers. The firm operates under an aggregator business model. Founded in 2008, Stack Overflow … Read more

How Does Sundae Make Money? Dissecting Its Business Model

How Does Sundae Make Money

Executive Summary: Sundae is an online real estate platform that allows homeowners to sell distressed properties to investors in its network. Sundae makes money from subscriptions, fees charged to investors, interest on loans, and by flipping homes for a profit. It operates under a marketplace business model. Founded in 2018, the platform has managed to … Read more

The CityMapper Business Model – How Does CityMapper Make Money?

CityMapper Business Model

Executive Summary: CityMapper is a transportation app that allows users to compare travel options in real-time across a variety of transport modes. CityMapper makes money via subscriptions, referral fees, as well as licensing fees from its enterprise product. Founded in 2011, CityMapper has become one of the world’s most popular navigation apps. Its founder has … Read more