30+ Vinted Statistics & Facts For 2024

Vinted is an online marketplace where people buy, sell, and trade secondhand and vintage items. This peer-to-peer platform has categories for men, women, and kids. The Beginning Vinted’s story began in 2008 when its founder, Justas Janauskas, had a chat with a friend at a bar. At the time, Justas Janauskas worked as a software … Read more

30+ Incredible OpenAI Statistics & Facts (2024)

openai statistics

OpenAI is an AI research company that creates automation services for businesses and organizations. These may include creating images, building chat support, or even making robots! OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT, an AI language model for conversation. The Beginning OpenAI’s origin story is unique, and not just because it has an extraordinarily brilliant language … Read more

Who Owns Mastodon?

Who Owns Mastodon

Mastodon became one of the many alternatives Twitter users flocked to when Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter went through. But the platform is vastly different from centralized entities like Facebook or Twitter in that users are the ones who operate each server. In summary, Eugen ‘Gargron’ Rochko, who started Mastodon back in 2016, is the … Read more

Who Owns OpenAI? It’s NOT Elon Musk!

Who Owns OpenAI

Artificial intelligence (AI), whether it’s working on a school paper or solving complex code problems, is taking over the world by storm. OpenAI, with the release of the image generation model Dall-E and its text bot ChatGPT, has been at the literal forefront of that craze. Given its complex history, corporate set-up, and AI’s material … Read more

Who Owns Venmo? The Answer Might Surprise You

Who Owns Venmo

Venmo, with over $230 billion in annually processed payments, is one of America’s most popular financial applications. It has become so ubiquitous that even U.S. president Joe Biden is using it (although that has caused all kinds of issues for the company). And while Venmo has always presented itself as an independent entity, many don’t … Read more