Hi folks, my name is Viktor. A twenty-something year old who all the sudden found himself in the world of blogging.

The information you can find on this website is a reflection of my lifelong experiences working in technical account management, consulting, and data analytics.

My work has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, Coindesk, and hundreds more.

I also tried my luck delving into entrepreneurship, running cargonow, the world’s first price comparison platform for booking air freight cargo. A little bit of money was raised, a lot more learned. This is me pitching our business at a startup competition.

I’m currently leading a team of 10 technical account managers and business analysts at a startup in Southeast Asia. In my spare time, you can find me helping random people on Quora.

As with any great product, teamwork makes the dream work. So if you feel the urge to be part of this project by contributing to some of the writing, then reach out to me here.



P.S.: If you enjoy the content I publish or simply want to make my day, then helping me to get my daily dose of caffeine in would mean the world to me! You can donate here ☕.