The Zilingo Business Model – How Does Zilingo Make Money?

Executive Summary: Zilingo is a technology platform that offers software for apparel manufacturers while allowing them to directly sell on its platform. Zilingo makes money by charging a commission for each successful sale, collecting interest from loans, and by offering various software products. Founded in 2015, Zilingo has become one of the biggest startup success … Read more

What Happened To QPay After Shark Tank?

Executive Summary: QPay is a platform that allows university unions, societies, and clubs to engage with the students on their campus. It also offers a virtual debit card in partnership with Mastercard. In 2018, the founders of QPay participated in Australia’s version of Shark Tank, earning them the title of the show’s highest earning business. … Read more

The FitOn Business Model – How Does FitOn Make Money?

Executive Summary: FitOn is a personalized fitness application on which trainees can find workout and meal plans as well as guided meditations. FitOn makes money via subscription fees, a corporate wellness program, as well as from selling its own branded fitness gear. It operates under a freemium business model. Founded in 2018, FitOn has quickly … Read more

What Happened To Figleaves? Why Was It Shut Down?

Executive Summary: Figleaves was an online retailer out of Great Britain that specialized in the distribution of lingerie and related female clothing. Figleaves was shut down because interest in the company slowly began to fade and because N Brown wanted to streamline its businesses to boost growth. What Is Figleaves? Figleaves is an online retailer … Read more

What Happened To CNN+? Why Did It Fail?

Executive Summary:  CNN+ was a premium streaming service from the namesake news station that could be accessed by paying a subscription fee. CNN+ failed because of low subscriber numbers, extensive cost projections, a change in leadership, competition, and shifting strategic goals at Warner Bros. Discovery. What Is CNN+? CNN+ (spelled CNN Plus) was a premium … Read more