The GIPHY Business Model – How Does GIPHY Make Money?

Executive Summary: GIPHY is a social platform and search engine that allows users to discover, share, and save GIFs, digital stickers, as well as videos. GIPHY makes money by helping to create as well as promote sponsored GIFs. The content is sometimes created in cooperation with its own design studio. Launched in 2013, GIPHY has … Read more

The BlaBlaCar Business Model – How Does BlaBlaCar Make Money?

Executive Summary: BlaBlaCar is an online transportation platform that allows customers to carpool as well as book bus rides all within one single application. BlaBlaCar makes money via service fees, revenue sharing with bus operators, referral as well as subscription fees. Officially founded in 2004, BlaBlaCar has grown to become one of the biggest transportation … Read more

The Shazam Business Model – How Does Shazam Make Money?

Executive Summary: Shazam is an application that can help users identify music, movies, and other audio-visual content based on a short listening snippet. Shazam generates revenue through referral fees. These fees are paid whenever a user signs up for a music streaming service via the app. Founded in 200, Shazam has grown to become the … Read more

The 20 Best Business Podcasts Of 2021

Whether you’re a busy business owner or entrepreneur, you likely don’t have the time to read books or take countless of classes. Podcasts are, therefore, becoming increasingly popular for people with hectic schedules. They’re great alternatives to books because you can keep up with them even when working out or doing chores around the house. … Read more

The Waze Business Model – How Does Waze Make Money?

Executive Summary: Waze is a navigation app that allows users to update their fellow drivers about any interruptions or road changes they face. Waze makes money via advertising, service fees from its carpooling product, Bluetooth beacon installations, referral fees, as well as by selling access to aggregated data. Founded in 2007, Waze has grown to … Read more

The Foodpanda Business Model – How Does Foodpanda Make Money?

Executive Summary: Foodpanda is an on-demand delivery platform that delivers meals, beverages, groceries, and more. It partners with independent drivers to fulfill orders. Foodpanda makes money via commissions, delivery fees, subscription fees, as well as grocery sales. The company operates on a marketplace business model. Founded in 2012, Foodpanda has grown to become one of … Read more

The Zip Business Model – How Does Zip Make Money?

Executive Summary: Zip is a FinTech company that provides ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) solutions to both merchants and customers. Zip makes money via merchant fees, interest from loans, account establishment fees, as well as penalty fees. Founded in 2013, Zip has grown to become one of Australia’s largest BNPL providers. The company has raised … Read more

The IPSY Business Model – How Does IPSY Make Money?

Executive Summary: IPSY is a monthly subscription service that sends out personalized boxes containing make-up and skincare products. IPSY makes money via subscriptions, e-commerce and private-label product sales, events, as well as product placements. The company operates on a subscription-based business model. Launched in 2011, IPSY has grown to become one of North America’s biggest … Read more

What Happened To Yik Yak? Why Did It Fail?

Executive Summary: Yik Yak is an anonymous social media platform that allows users to read messages from others in proximity.   Yik Yak failed because users moved on to other platforms, due to countless cases of cyberbullying, the removal of anonymity, as well as not having a sustainable business model. What Is Yik Yak? Yik … Read more