The Rarible Business Model – How Does Rarible Make Money?

Executive Summary: Rarible is an online marketplace that allows users to purchase, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Rarible makes money by charging a 2.5 percent fee on every sale. The company operates an online marketplace business model. Founded in 2019, Rarible has grown to become one of the world’s leading NFT marketplaces. It has … Read more

What Happened To Mt. Gox? Who Stole The Bitcoins?

Executive Summary: Mt. Gox was an exchange that enabled users to purchase, trade, and sell cryptocurrency-related assets such as Bitcoin. The exchange was ultimately shut down in February 2014 after a hack led to the loss of 850,000 Bitcoins. What Is Mt. Gox? Mt. Gox was an exchange that enabled users to purchase, trade, and … Read more

The Gymshark Business Model – How Does Gymshark Make Money?

Executive Summary: Gymshark is a British company that produces and distributes fitness apparel and equipment in a variety of categories. Gymshark makes money by selling clothing and other items. The business model of Gymshark is predicated on promoting its products through influencers as well as its own social channels. Founded in 2012, Gymshark has risen … Read more

The Gympass Business Model – How Does Gympass Make Money?

Executive Summary: Gympass is a membership service that allows corporate employees to get access to gyms, studios, and wellbeing apps. Gympass makes money via monthly membership fees. The company operates under an online marketplace business model. Founded in 2012, Gympass has managed to raise over $525 million in funding, It is currently being valued at … Read more

What Happened To JUUL? Is It Banned?

Executive Summary: JUUL is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic vaping devices (also called e-cigarettes) that can be filled with liquid pods. JUULs are currently not banned from being sold in most countries in the world. Consumers in the United States, the United Kingdom, as well as Canada can legally purchase its vapes and pods. … Read more

What Happened To Juicero? Why Did It Fail?

Executive Summary: Juicero is the company behind the Juicero Press, a Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen appliance that presses juice out of pre-packaged pouches. Juicero failed due to an unattractive pricing model, an over-engineered product, bad press, as well as turmoil within the company. What Is Juicero? Juicero is the company behind the Juicero Press, a Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen … Read more

The ChargePoint Business Model – How Does ChargePoint Make Money?

Executive Summary: ChargePoint is an electric vehicle charging network that offers over 100,000 charging spots across the globe. ChargePoint makes money by selling charging hardware, through cloud service subscriptions, as well as maintenance services. Founded in 2007, ChargePoint has risen to become one of the world’s leading charging networks. The company successfully went public in … Read more

The Imgur Business Model – How Does Imgur Make Money?

Executive Summary: Imgur is an image hosting platform that allows users to upload, like, and comment on both static and animated pictures as well as videos. Imgur makes money from serving ads, via subscriptions, by selling items via its online store, as well as referral fees from its commercial API. Founded in 2009, Imgur has … Read more

What Happened To Netscape?

Executive Summary: Netscape Communications Corporation (originally launched as Mosaic Communications Corporation) is a former American technology company. The company developed the world’s dominating browser but ultimately lost out to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer due to a set of anticompetitive practices. AOL eventually acquired Netscape in 1998 for $10 billion. After a series of missteps, Netscape eventually … Read more