Dissecting The Lyft Business Model: How Does The Firm Make Money?

How Does Lyft Make Money

Executive Summary: The business model of Lyft is that of a two-sided online marketplace. There, it mostly connects drivers with passengers. Lyft makes money from commissions, service fees, referral fees, subscriptions, interchange fees, advertising, and services. What Is Lyft? Lyft is a transportation app that provides users with on-demand access to drivers all around their … Read more

How Does Sundae Make Money? Dissecting Its Business Model

How Does Sundae Make Money

Executive Summary: Sundae is an online real estate platform that allows homeowners to sell distressed properties to investors in its network. Sundae makes money from subscriptions, fees charged to investors, interest on loans, and by flipping homes for a profit. It operates under a marketplace business model. Founded in 2018, the platform has managed to … Read more