How Does PayBright Make Money? Who Owns It Now?

How Does PayBright Make Money

Executive Summary: PayBright is a FinTech company that provides ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ solutions to both customers and merchants. PayBright makes money by charging a variety of different fees to both customers as well as merchant partners. Founded in 2009, the company has managed to become one of Canada’s leading consumer financing providers. PayBright was … Read more

The Wealthsimple Business Model – How Does Wealthsimple Make Money?

Wealthsimple Business Model

Executive Summary: Wealthsimple is a personal finance platform offering a variety of products, including automatic investment portfolios, tax optimization, or (crypto) trading. Wealthsimple makes money via management fees, currency conversion fees, operations fees, additional services, interest on cash, as well as interchange fees. Founded in 2014, Wealthsimple has grown to become Canada’s biggest robo-advisor. The … Read more

How Does Venmo Make Money? Dissecting Its Business Model

Executive Summary: Venmo is a digital wallet that lets users transfer money between each other. Members can, furthermore, pay at selected merchants, either online (using the Pay With Venmo feature) or via the company’s debit card. Venmo makes money via merchant fees, Instant Transfers fees, interchange and withdrawal fees, spreads and fees on cryptocurrency transactions, … Read more