What Happened To Telltale Games? Why Did It Shut Down?

Executive Summary: Telltale Games was an American video game development studio that primarily published adventure games via an episodic format. Telltale had to shut down because it ran out of money and failed to secure the necessary funding to keep the company afloat. Founded in 2004, the company managed to raise over $54 million in … Read more

What Happened To Paragon? Why Was It Shut Down?

Executive Summary: Paragon was a third-person MOBA game in which two teams of five players each were pitted against each other. Paragon was primarily shut down because it failed to attract a significant player base while Epic’s other titles, Fortnite in particular, began to take off. What Was Paragon? Paragon was a third-person MOBA (Multiplayer … Read more

The Blender Business Model – How Does Blender Make Money?

Executive Summary: Blender is a free and open-source-based creation software allowing users to create high-quality still images and video animations using three-dimensional geometry. Blender makes money via donations, subscriptions, merchandise sales, annual conferences, as well as from ads. Officially established in 2002, Blender has grown to become one of the world’s leading 3D animation programs. … Read more

The Pinduoduo Business Model – How Does Pinduoduo Make Money?

Executive Summary: Pinduoduo (拼多多) is an online marketplace that allows users to purchase goods directly from manufacturers through group buying. Pinduoduo makes money from online marketing services, transaction services, as well as merchandise sales. The company operates on a marketplace business model. Founded in 2015, Pinduoduo has grown to become China’s largest marketplace (measured by … Read more

The Brave Business Model – How Does Brave Make Money?

Executive Summary: Brave is a privacy-focused internet browser that lets users navigate to websites, execute web apps, and consume online content. Brave makes money via banner ads, subscription fees, affiliate commissions, as well as by selling digital and physical products through its online store. Founded in 2015, Brave has managed to attract $42 million in … Read more

The OpenSea Business Model – How Does OpenSea Make Money?

Executive Summary: OpenSea is an online marketplace that allows users to purchase, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens via its website. OpenSea makes money from service fees. These fees are paid whenever a digital asset is successfully sold via the platform. Founded in 2017, OpenSea has grown to become the world’s largest NFT marketplace. It has … Read more

The Viber Business Model – How Does Viber Make Money?

Executive Summary: Viber is a multiplatform messaging application that is available on a variety of devices and operating systems. Viber makes money via fees generated from its business account, subscription fees for international calls (Viber Out), as well as ads shown within the app. Founded in 2010, Viber has grown to become one of the … Read more