The DoorDash Business Model – How Does DoorDash Make Money?

DoorDash Business Model

Executive Summary: DoorDash is an online food delivery service, which partners with local restaurants to deliver meals to customers nearby. Deliveries are executed by contractual drivers (so-called Dashers) that operate on an on-demand basis. DoorDash makes money via commissions, delivery and service fees, a white-label logistics service, a premium subscription plan, advertising, fees on cash … Read more

The Upwork Business Model – How Does Upwork Make Money?

Upwork Business Model

Executive Summary: Upwork is an online marketplace that matches freelancers with businesses that seek on-demand work. The company facilitates jobs in the field of accounting, data science, web development, customer support, and many more. Upwork makes money by charging service fees to contractors, via subscriptions, as well as by allowing freelancers to pay for additional … Read more

The Deliveroo Business Model – How Does Deliveroo Work & Make Money?

Deliveroo Business Model

Executive Summary: Deliveroo is an online food delivery service that partners up with other restaurants to deliver food to customers. Deliveries are executed by contractual drivers that operate on an on-demand basis. One of the major differentiators to other food delivery companies is the focus on high-quality food offerings. Deliveroo makes money via delivery, sign-up, … Read more

How Does Vinted Make Money? Its Business Model Strategy Revealed

Vinted Business Model

Executive Summary: Vinted is an online marketplace that enables the purchase, sale and exchange of fashion items among private consumers. The company focuses on second-hand fashion in the female, male, or kids categories. Vinted makes money via fixed and variable fees as well as advertising for sellers (called Wardrobe Spotlight and Item Bump, respectively). Founded … Read more

The Convoy Business Model – How Does Convoy Make Money?

Convoy Business Model

Executive Summary: Convoy is a freight brokerage platform that facilitates bookings between shippers (that need to transport goods) and carriers with available loads. Contrary to traditional freight brokers that still rely on manual processes (e.g. telephone, email or faxes), Convoy utilizes software to automatically match shippers and carriers. The business model of Convoy is based … Read more