How Does Swagbucks Make Money?

Executive Summary: Swagbucks is an online rewards platform that allows members to earn point-based cashback rewards as well as gift cards. Swagbucks makes money via affiliate commissions (also called referral fees) paid by the brands it partners with. It operates under an affiliate business model. Launched in 2008, Swagbucks has grown to become one of … Read more

How Does NerdWallet Make Money? Analyzing Its Business Model

Executive Summary: NerdWallet is site that provides financial advice on subjects like loans, mortgages, insurances, taxes, investing, and many more. Apart from reviews, NerdWallet has also created multiple tools to better manage a person’s finances. NerdWallet makes money from affiliate commissions. Financial institutions, such as banks or mortgage lenders, pay the company for every lead, … Read more

The Hippo Insurance Business Model – How Does Hippo Insurance Make Money?

Hippo Insurance Business Model

Executive Summary: Hippo Insurance is an online platform that offers homeowners insurance to customers in 29 states. The company’s policy covers a wide range of damages, including furniture, electronics, water service lines, and more. Hippo Insurance makes money through referral fees. The company does not underwrite the insurance by itself but relies on other partners … Read more