What Happened To Machinima? Here’s Why The Once Popular Channel Shut Down

Executive Summary: Machinima was a former content creation and delivery network focused on publishing gaming-related videos. Machinima was shut down because AT&T as well as WarnerMedia wanted to consolidate some of its digital assets. What Is Machinima? Machinima, a combination of the words machine and cinema, was a former content creation network focused on publishing … Read more

The World’s First Metaverse: What Happened To Second Life?

Executive Summary: Second Life is an online virtual world in which players create avatars of themselves and interact with other users. Second Life failed to become a mass-market product because the game has an extremely high learning curve, it suffered from frequent platform meltdowns, due to consistent copyright infringements, and unrealistic expectations. What Is Second … Read more

What Happened To Mixer? 6 Reasons Why The Streaming Platform Shut Down

Executive Summary: Mixer, initially launched as Beam, was a live streaming platform that enabled content creators to broadcast themselves in video format. Mixer shut down because of intensive competition, high cost of maintaining the product, lack of community building, employee turnover, technical issues, as well as Microsoft shifting its focus towards other products. What Was … Read more