The Food Delivery Business Model – A Complete Guide

It’s Sunday. You’ve just had a couple beers too much the night before. Waking up at 2pm and in dire need for a juicy pizza. You open your phone, place an order on any of your gazillion apps. 20 minutes later, your door rings and a guy in way too big company-themed jacket and cap … Read more

The Vinted Business Model – How Does Vinted Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Vinted is an online marketplace that enables the purchase, sale and exchange of fashion items among private consumers. The company focuses on second-hand fashion in the female, male, or kids categories. Vinted makes money via fixed and variable fees as well as advertising for sellers (called Wardrobe Spotlight and Item Bump, respectively). Founded … Read more

The ClassPass Business Model – How Does ClassPass Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: ClassPass is a fitness platform that partners up with local gyms and studios to offer classes to fitness enthusiasts. Classes include activities such as boxing, cycling, or yoga. The service is available via the ClassPass website as well as through the company’s Android and iOS apps. The business model of ClassPass is based … Read more

The Trello Business Model – How Does Trello Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Trello is a visual software application (based on the Kanban methodology) that allows users to manage projects and organize tasks. Work is managed in so-called boards, which include different project states (e.g. “In Progress” or “Done”) and are filled with cards representing tasks. Trello makes money by charging offering premium subscription plans that … Read more

The Wix Business Model – How Does Wix Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Wix is a platform that allows its users to build highly customizable websites based on the HTML5 standard. Customers can tap into various features, including a drag-and-drop editor, logo maker, or building forms and push notifications. The business model of Wix is based on charging customers for monthly subscription plans. Other streams of … Read more

The Udacity Business Model – How Does Udacity Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Udacity is a creator of educational content that is hosted primarily online. The company creates its so-called nanodegrees in cooperation with other corporations and educational institutions. The goal is to provide courses that allow their customers to switch or enhance their careers. The business model of Udacity is based on charging either a … Read more

The StockX Business Model – How Does StockX Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: StockX is an online marketplace that facilitates the sale of rare apparel and collectibles. Because the company deals with luxury items, it furthermore handles both the authentication process as well as proper shipment. The business model of StockX is based on charging sellers a percentage fee for every sale they make on the … Read more

The Stripe Business Model – How Does Stripe Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Stripe is a SaaS company developing various products that allow businesses to accept and make payments over the Internet. The company’s full-stack offering ranges from backend cloud infrastructures over a customizable payments platform up to dedicated applications for tasks such as billing or reporting. The business model of Stripe is based on charging … Read more

The Monzo Business Model – How Does Monzo Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Monzo (formerly Mondo) is a neobank offering a multitude of financial products to both consumers and businesses alike. As a digitally enabled bank, Monzo does not operate any physical branches. Instead, all the company’s products are facilitated through its mobile apps, available on either iOS or Android. The business model of Monzo is … Read more

The Nextdoor Business Model – How Does Nextdoor Work & Make Money?

Executive Summary: Nextdoor is a social networking platform that allows neighbours to connect with each other and create shared communities. Available both via the web and its mobile app, Nextdoor allows neighbours to stay updated on local news, hiring baby or dog sitters, receiving crime alerts and many other things. Nextdoor makes money primarily through … Read more