What Happened To Napster? What The P2P File-Sharing Service Is Up To Now

Napster What Happened

Executive Summary: Napster was a peer-to-peer file-sharing program that allowed its users to download and upload (predominantly music) files through software on their computers. Napster initially failed because it got entangled in a long-lasting legal battle with the RIAA and various music artists. The ongoing legal battles led to a temporary shutdown in 2001. The … Read more

What Happened To Friendster? 4 Reasons Why It Failed

Friendster What Happened

Executive Summary: Friendster was a social networking service that allowed you to set up user profiles, connect with other people, and communicate with them. Friendster failed because of site performance issues, rising competition, executive turnover, and due to extensive content moderation. Founded in 2002, Friendster became the world’s most prominent social network for a short … Read more