The Rarible Business Model – How Does Rarible Make Money?

Executive Summary: Rarible is an online marketplace that allows users to purchase, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Rarible makes money by charging a 2.5 percent fee on every sale. The company operates an online marketplace business model. Founded in 2019, Rarible has grown to become one of the world’s leading NFT marketplaces. It has … Read more

The Gymshark Business Model – How Does Gymshark Make Money?

Executive Summary: Gymshark is a British company that produces and distributes fitness apparel and equipment in a variety of categories. Gymshark makes money by selling clothing and other items. The business model of Gymshark is predicated on promoting its products through influencers as well as its own social channels. Founded in 2012, Gymshark has risen … Read more

The Gympass Business Model – How Does Gympass Make Money?

Executive Summary: Gympass is a membership service that allows corporate employees to get access to gyms, studios, and wellbeing apps. Gympass makes money via monthly membership fees. The company operates under an online marketplace business model. Founded in 2012, Gympass has managed to raise over $525 million in funding, It is currently being valued at … Read more

The ChargePoint Business Model – How Does ChargePoint Make Money?

Executive Summary: ChargePoint is an electric vehicle charging network that offers over 100,000 charging spots across the globe. ChargePoint makes money by selling charging hardware, through cloud service subscriptions, as well as maintenance services. Founded in 2007, ChargePoint has risen to become one of the world’s leading charging networks. The company successfully went public in … Read more

The Imgur Business Model – How Does Imgur Make Money?

Executive Summary: Imgur is an image hosting platform that allows users to upload, like, and comment on both static and animated pictures as well as videos. Imgur makes money from serving ads, via subscriptions, by selling items via its online store, as well as referral fees from its commercial API. Founded in 2009, Imgur has … Read more

The GasBuddy Business Model – How Does GasBuddy Make Money?

Executive Summary: GasBuddy is a platform that tracks and displays fuel prices. Users themselves are the ones who update the prices and thus keep the platform up-to-date. GasBuddy makes money from advertising, referral fees, subscription fees, licensing fees from its white-label software, as well as by selling aggregated and anonymized data. Launched in 2000, GasBuddy … Read more

The CRED Business Model – How does CRED Make Money?

Executive Summary: CRED is a FinTech company that rewards users for timely credit card bill payments by providing them with exclusive offers. CRED makes money from transaction fees, affiliate commissions, advertising, as well as referral fees from the loans it issues in cooperation with other credit institutions. Founded in 2018, CRED has become one of … Read more

The BandLab Business Model – How Does BandLab Make Money?

Executive Summary: BandLab is a free social music platform and digital audio workstation that allows artists to collaborate with each other and share their work with listeners. BandLab itself does currently not make any money. Instead, its parent company Caldecott Music Group generates revenue from advertising as well as hardware and software sales. What Is … Read more

The ChowNow Business Model – How Does ChowNow Make Money?

Executive Summary: ChowNow is an online food delivery company service that allows customers to order food from local restaurants. ChowNow makes money from monthly or yearly subscription fees, setup fees, as well as order fees for its Order Better Network. Founded in 2010, ChowNow has become one of North America’s leading food delivery platforms. It … Read more