The SoFi Business Model – How Does SoFi Make Money?

Executive Summary: SoFi, short for Social Finance, is a personal finance company that offers products in the field of banking, loans, investing, and insurance. SoFi makes money via transaction fees, loan securitization, referral fees, interest earned on cash, sweep programs, and a lot more. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, SoFi is one … Read more

The NerdWallet Business Model – How Does NerdWallet Make Money?

Executive Summary: NerdWallet is a FinTech platform that provides financial advice on subjects like loans, mortgages, insurances, taxes, investing, and many more. Apart from reviews, NerdWallet has also created multiple tools to better manage a person’s finances. NerdWallet makes money from affiliate commissions. Financial institutions, such as banks or mortgage lenders, pay the company for … Read more

The Hippo Insurance Business Model – How Does Hippo Insurance Make Money?

Executive Summary: Hippo Insurance is an online platform that offers homeowners insurance to customers in 29 states. The company’s policy covers a wide range of damages, including furniture, electronics, water service lines, and more. Hippo Insurance makes money through referral fees. The company does not underwrite the insurance by itself but relies on other partners … Read more

The Root Insurance Business Model – How Does Root Insurance Make Money?

Executive Summary: Root Insurance is an online insurance service that offers coverage primarily for drivers. The company analyzes a member’s driving patterns to assess risk. Other services offered by Root include homeowners and renters insurance. Root Insurance makes money by charging customers a monthly premium. The company claims that members can save over $900 compared … Read more

The FabFitFun Business Model – How Does FabFitFun Make Money?

Executive Summary: FabFitFun is an online subscription service that sends out boxes with predominantly female products on a quarterly basis. Product categories include electronics, cosmetics, fashion, and more. FabFitFun makes money from the box subscriptions, a styling fee for its clothing boxes, as well as by advertising other brands and products. Founded in 2010, FabFitFun … Read more

The Compass Business Model – How Does Compass Make Money?

Executive Summary: Compass is an online real estate brokerage that connects facilitates home purchases, sales, and rentals on its platform. The company’s agents are equipped with best-in-class technology (such as a dedicated app) to best serve their customers. Compass makes money via the commission it receives for every property sale it mediates. That revenue is … Read more