Get Paid To Write

Hello friend,

Viktor here. It’s great that you’ve discovered this page. Why? Because it means you are one of the rare breeds of people that actually read articles from beginning to end.

Contrary to the fact that my name is riddled all over this website, productmint isn’t just about me and the things I write.

It’s about creating in-depth and engaging content that makes people want to come back. It’s a platform that attracts over 150,000 monthly readers from all over the world.

Above all else, I hope that it’s having some sort of positive impact in an era riddled by division, misinformation, and outrage.

I firmly believe that this is just the beginning. My goal for productmint is to become one of the go-to destinations when it comes to all things business, product, tech, and anything in between.

To realize this vision, I need help.

Who are we looking for?

I’m going to be honest with you: this won’t be easy. I, sometimes, spend nights to research and write, all in the pursuit of helping out readers.

Not scared off, yet? Great! You passed the first test. 😊 Nonetheless, that’s not all. If you want to write for us, then a few additional requirements need to be met:

  1. You have a good command of the English language.
  2. You have some form of experience about the topic you write about, whether it’s years of industry experience, from academia, or certain accreditations.
  3. High-quality and well-researched content is the only standard you accept.
  4. You are, preferably, able to provide some sort of angle or unique insight. No one needs to read the same information rehashed on a different website.
  5. You are able to back up your claims with credible sources.

productmint, as presently constituted, is heavily geared towards business and product-related content. That doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Topics of interest can include entrepreneurship, financing, career advice, economics, marketing, and plenty more.

I, furthermore, can provide you with a list of over 100 content ideas that are ready to be researched and written about.

Why write for productmint?

  1. You will have access to an established platform. This blog receives ~80,000 visitors/month. It took a lot of time to get to that point. Write an article here, and thousands of people will be reading your content.
  2. You will become a better writer. Every article you publish will be edited. You will also receive detailed feedback from me. This is not a content mill where we take your article, edit to how we want and publish it. You will receive feedback on every article, helping you to become a better writer in the process.
  3. You get the chance to demonstrate your skills. Employers love to see examples of your work. If you can write a well-thought-out article on a subject, you probably know what you’re talking about.
  4. You get full credit for your articles. Every article you publish will be clearly attributed to you and you alone.
  5. You will get your own, dedicated author bio and page. Feel free to link out to any relevant social profile (e.g. LinkedIn).
  6. You get to see your traffic stats. You will have full access just as if this were your own blog to monitor how many people are reading your articles.
  7. You will get paid. Actual pay is dependent on the length and type of content you publish. Expect to earn anywhere between $25 to $150 per article.

What is not allowed

  1. Link out to your own websites. I do not provide do-follow links nor guest posting opportunities!
  2. Plagiarize or blatantly copy content.
  3. Not properly attributing sources (if needed).
  4. Providing thin content that leaves out important facts and story points.

Join us!

If you want to contribute to productmint, then feel free to shoot me a mail at [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!