How Does Unfiltered App BeReal Make Money?

BeReal is a social media application that prompts users to share one photo per day with their friends.

Users are asked to take a picture of their current activity within 2 minutes and can react to their friends’ photos once everyone posted theirs. 

Many are fed up with the fakeness of today’s social media landscape, which has allowed BeReal to amass millions of users. 

The app was launched in late 2019 by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau who met at the French coding school 42 born2code. 

But how does BeReal, which has taken the social media world by storm, actually make money? 

Actually, BeReal does not generate any revenue as of now. Instead, it relies on the $30 million in funding that it raised from investors thus far.

In all likeliness, it will introduce different ad formats in the future. For example, ads could be displayed in between the photos that friends send. 

Not relying on ads is a common growth strategy among social media startups. Facebook and Snapchat have followed a similar path when they initially launched. 

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