How Craigslist Makes Money


Craigslist is a classifieds website that allows anyone to put their goods and services up for sale.


What’s unique about Craigslist is that its appearance and product experience has literally remained unchanged since its launch in 1995.

Founder Craig Newmark initially started Craigslist as an email list that would notify friends about notable events taking place in San Francisco.

eBay once acquired a 28-percent stake in the business but ultimately sold it back to Craigslist in 2014 after a lengthy contract dispute.

Founder Craig Newmark stepped down as CEO in 2000. Early employee Jim Buckmaster has been leading the company ever since.

And with around $700 million in annual revenue, he certainly has done a decent job steering the ship.

But how does Craigslist actually make money?

The company’s business model is as simple as its website: Craigslist charges a listing fee on selected categories.

For example, a job posting in the United States costs anywhere between $10 to $75 while listing a vehicle is a $5 investment away.

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