What Happened To Quibi? Why Did It Fail?

Executive Summary: Quibi TV was an on-demand streaming application that focused on short-form content. Episodes were around 10 minutes in length. Quibi, despite raising billions, had to shut down within six months of launching. Its content library was eventually sold to Roku for around $100 million. The reasons why Quibi failed were vast. They included … Read more

The Ripple Business Model – How Does Ripple Make Money?

Executive Summary: Ripple is a developer of software for settling payments online as well as the creator of the cryptocurrency XRP. Ripple makes money by selling XRP, payment fees, profits from investments, as well as interest fees on loans. Ripple, founded in 2012, has risen to become one of the most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency … Read more

The Binance Business Model – How Does Binance Make Money?

Executive Summary: Binance is an exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. It offers a variety of other products and services, such as an online education platform, cloud solutions, or collective crypto mining amongst others. Binance makes money from trading fees, interest on loans, spreads, fees from its broker … Read more

The BlockFi Business Model – How Does BlockFi Make Money?

Executive Summary: BlockFi is a financial services company that offers a variety of products and services, such as loans or commission-free trading, to retail and institutional investors. BlockFi makes money via interest fees, withdrawal fees, spreads, sponsorship fees, crypto mining, as well as premiums collected from investments into other trusts. Founded in 2017, BlockFi has … Read more

The Quora Business Model – How Does Quora Make Money?

Executive Summary: Quora is an online platform that enables users to ask as well as answer questions about thousands of topics. Quora makes money via text and image advertising. Advertisers can bid based on a cost per click, cost per thousand impressions, as well as conversion basis. Founded in 2009, Quora has grown to become … Read more

The Wayfair Business Model – How Does Wayfair Make Money?

Executive Summary: Wayfair is an online retailer that sells products in the home category, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, and even pet items. Wayfair makes money from the sale of products, installation services, advertising on its platform, as well as interchange and interest fees. The company operates on a wholesale cost business model. Founded in … Read more

The Glovo Business Model – How Does Glovo Make Money?

Executive Summary: Glovo is an online courier platform that delivers products ranging from food up to pharmaceuticals to customers who order using its app. Glovo makes money from order commissions, delivery fees, subscriptions, as well as profits from its Q-Commerce service. Founded in 2015, Glovo has quickly risen to become a major powerhouse in the … Read more

The Birchbox Business Model – How does Birchbox Make Money?

Executive Summary: Birchbox is a subscription service that sends customers beauty samples on a monthly basis. Customers can then purchase those products in Birchbox’s online store. Birchbox makes money via subscription fees, sales from its store, as well as advertising and sales of aggregated data. Founded in 2010, Birchbox has raised over $97 million in … Read more