What Happened To Teavana? Here’s Why It Ultimately Failed

Teavana What Happened

Executive Summary: Teavana is a manufacturer and distributor of various tea products. Customers can currently purchase sachets as well as cups distributed in supermarkets. Teavana failed primarily because visitor number in malls, where most of its shops were based, significantly decreased over the previous years. Founded in 1997, Teavana had been acquired by Starbucks for … Read more

Why Did Solyndra Fail? These Are The 3 Major Reasons

Why Solyndra Failed

Executive Summary: Solyndra was a copper indium gallium selenide solar cells manufacturer that distributed tubular solar panels for commercial rooftop installation. Solyndra failed because its cost substantially exceeded its revenue, due to heightened market competition and declining PV prices, as well as internal leadership struggles. What Is Solyndra? Solyndra was a copper indium gallium selenide … Read more

What Happened To Mixer? 6 Reasons Why The Streaming Platform Shut Down

Mixer What Happened

Executive Summary: Mixer, initially launched as Beam, was a live streaming platform that enabled content creators to broadcast themselves in video format. Mixer shut down because of intensive competition, high cost of maintaining the product, lack of community building, employee turnover, technical issues, as well as Microsoft shifting its focus towards other products. What Was … Read more