The Stitch Fix Business Model – How Does Stitch Fix Make Money?

Executive Summary: Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that uses a combination of technology and human input to come up with styling suggestions. These styles, called Fix, are then shipped to the customer. Suggestions are based on the customer’s body type, gender, preferences, and past purchasing behavior. The business model of Stitch Fix … Read more

The HelloFresh Business Model – How Does HelloFresh Make Money?

Executive Summary: HelloFresh is an online food delivery company that creates and ships meal kits for groups of two and four. Customers can choose from a variety of plans, including vegetarian, family-friendly, or low-calorie meals. The business model of HelloFresh is based on charging customers a subscription fee. The price paid is dependent upon the … Read more

The Etsy Business Model – How Does Etsy Make Money?

Executive Summary: Etsy is an online marketplace that offers handmade, vintage, or craft items from sellers around the world. Items are sold in categories such as Clothing & Shoes, Home & Living, and many more. The business model of Etsy is based on charging sellers a fee for listing products and whenever a successful sale … Read more

The Carvana Business Model – How Does Carvana Make Money

Executive Summary: Carvana is an online platform that buys and sells used cars. The whole buying experience takes place online, and consumers got the choice to have their cars delivered to their homes or pick them up at one of the company’s famous car vending machines. The business model of Carvana is based on selling … Read more

The Medium Business Model – How Does Medium Make Money?

Executive Summary: Medium is an online publishing service that lets both amateurs, as well as professional writers, publish content. The company acts as the underlying platform by providing all the necessary tools to create content. The business model of Medium is based on charging customers a subscription fee. The company makes money either through a … Read more

Twitch’s Business Model – How Does Twitch Make Money?

Executive Summary: Twitch is an online video streaming platform that allows creators to share audiovisual content. The platform’s primary focus is on live streaming video gameplay. Other categories include music, art, live cooking, or channels for simply chatting. The business model of Twitch is based on a variety of income streams. The company makes money … Read more

The Canva Business Model – How Does Canva Make Money?

Executive Summary: Canva is a graphic design SaaS application that allows its users to create and edit visual content. Examples include posters, presentations, infographics, logos, and many more. The business model of Canva is centered around charging both consumers and businesses on a subscription basis. Other income-generating streams include the sale of physical prints (through … Read more